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Take a front row seat at these fascinating sessions filmed during World Science Festival Brisbane 2023. Now available to stream on demand, for free. Presented with World Science Festival New York.

World Science Festival launched in New York in 2008. Hailed by The New York Times as ‘a new cultural institution’ it was founded by renowned Physicist Professor Brian Greene and Emmy award-winning journalist Tracy Day.

In 2023, World Science Festival Brisbane once again showcased big-name conversation events featuring Professor Brian Greene and a host of international talent. Stream these sessions on demand at the links below.

The Golden Age of Space Exploration 👨‍🚀

Brian Greene joins world-renowned scientists engaged in space exploration – Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s outgoing head scientist; Aude Vignelles, Chief Technology Officer of the Australia Space Agency; Masaki Fujimoto, Deputy Director of the Japan Space Exploration Agency and Kirsten MacDonnell of the European Space Agency’s Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration.

Memory: The Hidden Pathways that Make Us Human 👁‍🗨
Brian Greene investigates the interconnection of emotion and memory with author and psychiatrist Veronica O’Keane, neuroepigeneticist Tim Bredy, and psychologists Gail Robinson and Oliver Bauman.

The Unfolding Cosmos: Revelations from the James Webb Space Telescope 💥
Nobel Laureate John Mather joins Brian Greene, Karl Glazebrook, Stefanie Milam, Michele Bannister, Ben Pope and Jessie Christiansen for a fascinating conversation about the wonders the James Webb Space Telescope is revealing.

You can also watch Brian Greene and Stefanie Milam, the James Webb Space Telescope lead solar system scientist, continue the conversation they started at World Science Festival Brisbane in this new recording from World Science Festival New York’s Big Ideas series.

Rewriting the Story of Humankind 💀
Where did we come from and how did we get here? Professor Lee Berger joins Brian Greene to discuss the major discoveries of the last two decades in the search for human origins.


Craving more from World Science Festival Brisbane?

Check out the complete suite of WSFB online programming, available for free year round. Further highlights include recordings of sold-out 2023 sessions like Clash of the Titans! – A Prehistoric Showdown, In the Shadows of the Dinosaurs: Discovering Ancient Patagonia and A Rational Fear – Live!

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