Opening Young Minds to STEM Builds Foundations for the Future

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Education in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), continues to gain importance in preparing students for careers in the modern workforce.

Encouraging students to engage with STEM subjects early is key to building curious minds. Beyond our future workforce, learning STEM at a young age has numerous benefits:

STEM fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills: STEM education encourages children to think critically and approach problems logically. These skills are valuable not only in STEM careers but also in everyday life. By introducing STEM concepts at a young age, children develop an early interest in these subjects and are more likely to pursue them in the future.

Improves creativity and innovation: STEM education is not just about memorizing formulas and equations. It involves creativity and innovation as well. By engaging in hands-on activities, children learn to experiment and come up with unique solutions to problems. This helps them develop a creative and innovative mindset that can be applied to any field.

Enhances digital literacy: In today’s digital age, it is important to have a strong foundation in technology. STEM education provides children with the skills they need to use digital tools and software effectively. This is particularly important as more jobs require knowledge of coding and other digital skills.

Prepares children for future job opportunities: The job market is constantly evolving, and many jobs of the future will be in STEM fields. By starting STEM education at a young age, children are better equipped to pursue these careers – and opportunities that haven’t even been discovered yet!

Encourages teamwork and collaboration: STEM education often involves group projects and activities, which help children learn to work together and collaborate effectively. These skills are essential not only in STEM careers but also in any workplace.

All these skills are beneficial to students regardless of the career path they choose. Queensland Museum Network is proud to play a part in encouraging and supporting STEM education in Brisbane and beyond with World Science Festival Brisbane and World Science Festival Queensland.


This year, World Science Festival Queensland will take STEM to the streets of Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Townsville, Gladstone and Ipswich. With all regional programming offering dedicated student days as well as open days for the general public, students of all ages can engage in STEM learning – for free!

For those who are located further afield, World Science Festival Brisbane offers a range on online resources and recorded shows available to stream free of charge anytime.


World Science Festival Queensland 2023 dates:

Toowoomba 21-22 May

Chinchilla 2-3 June

Townsville 23-24 June

Gladstone 28-29 July

Ipswich 11-12 August


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