WSFB 2023 Podcasts

Take a front row seat in the World Science Festival Brisbane auditorium. Listen to live recordings from a curated selection of feature conversations from the 2023 Festival.

WSFB 2023 Ep1 - Clash of the Titans

Get ready for a prehistoric rumble! Ranger Stacey Thomson umpires global heavyweights of Palaeontology from either side of the Pacific in an unmissable showdown of titanic proportions.

Argentinian Palaeontologist Dr Ignacio Escapa of the Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum and Australia’s leading Palaeontologist and Queensland Museum favourite Dr Scott Hocknull are out to win the hearts and minds of the audience as they bring their respective fossil records to life.

How does Titanosaurus and Giganotosaurus of ancient Patagonia stack up against their Aussie cousins? Who can lay claim to the most impressive collection of prehistoric animals and plants?

Find out as our Cretaceous Carnivores face off against the Jurassic Giants.

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WSFB 2023 Ep2 - In the Shadows of Dinosaurs

Thanks to their impressive, fossilised remains, much is known about the dinosaurs that roamed Patagonia millions of years ago. As scientists learn more about these ancient creatures, they also uncover the dinosaurs’ habitat and lifestyle.

Join Ranger Stacey Thomson and renowned Argentinian Palaeontologist Ignacio Escapa on a journey back to the ancient environment of Patagonia, from the towering conifers to the bugs trampled underfoot, and how it all sustained the now famous gigantic reptiles that lived there.

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WSFB 2023 Ep3 - The Future is Insects

There are some 10 quintillion (19 zeros!) individual insects alive today and humanity’s future relies on their continued existence. Insects pollinate our crops, roll away dung and provide a non-toxic, natural way to control other pests. Their ubiquitous abundance also makes them a great source of protein and a potential solution to global food security. Our hand-picked team of leading insect experts will answer your toughest questions while sharing a nutritious canape of creepy-crawlies. Featuring Ranger Stacey Thomson, Dr Rocio Ponce-Reyes and Queensland Museum’s Dr Chris Burwell.

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WSFB 2023 Ep4 - A Rational Fear – Live!

Winner of Australia’s Best Comedy Podcast, A Rational Fear recorded a special World Science Festival episode about the beginning of the end of the world. Laugh in the face of the scariest things facing our planet like climate change, superbugs and how Brisbane will be the capital of the world after a nuclear war.

Join Dan Ilic (Question everything) and Lewis Hobba (Triple J) as they wrestle some of the biggest names in comedy and politics to tackle the largest issues in our world. Featuring Mandy Nolan, Mel Buttle, Mark Humphries, Jessie L Christensen and Dylan Behan.

It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s 60 minutes of giggling at our greatest fears. If your Sky News-watching Uncle doesn’t believe in it, we’re making fun of it. It’s a scary world, you may as well laugh in its face.

Warning: This show may contain strong language and adult themes. 16+ audiences recommended.

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WSFB 2023 Ep5 - Curious Conversation: Art, AI and Interaction

Why are artists using Artificial Intelligence in their interactive artworks? Join Public Art Curator Jay Younger in conversation with AI artists Adam Donovan and Madeleine Flynn to illuminate the inspiration behind their artistic practices and specifically Cybernetic Intimacy and Pivot, their respective artworks in Curiocity Brisbane 2023.

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WSFB 2023 Ep6 - Science to Save the World

The world is full of great scientists and innovators who are constantly taking small steps and giant leaps of discovery to ensure a better life ahead, for us and our planet. Their missions include using data and virtual reality to help save the reef, transforming agriculture by growing more with less, improving the air we breathe, and the lofty goal of electrifying everything.

Broadcast by ABC’s Big Ideas RN, hear Paul Barclay in conversation with brilliant scientists as they share their amazing research and how it may benefit you and your loved ones in the (very) near future.

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WSFB 2023 Ep7 - The Kingdom of Fungi

All life on earth is dependent on fungi one way or another. Neither plant nor animal, fungi and their mycelia can be used to make meat alternatives, bio composites and even leather-like material. They are the decomposers and recyclers, the brewers and the bakers. We stuff them and sauté them, put them on pizza and shave the super rare ones over gnocchi. They can be poison or medicine. Sleep-inducing or psychedelic. Deadly or delusional.

Broadcast by ABC’s Big Ideas RN, hear from a panel of experts on the  amazing world of fungi.


5 with 5 Podcasts

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads that lead to a chance encounter? What if that moment leads to an amazing discovery?


In this World Science Festival Brisbane podcast, Dr Rob Bell takes 5 minutes with 5 fascinating experts and discovers their ‘sliding doors’ moment.


Presented with Folklore Studio.

5 with 5: Ep1 - Cheryl Praeger

In the 1960’s, Cheryl Praeger wasn’t expected to become a mathematician, but she has never been greatly bothered by expectations.

At a time when women were expected to stay at home and raise a family she was discouraged from studying mathematics. With her passion, aptitude and a good deal hard work Cheryl became a leading light in mathematics.

Praeger’s key research is in Group Theory and Combinatorics, including analysis of algorithms and complexity, discrete mathematics and geometry – remarkably she was first published in 1970 while still an undergraduate, and she has since become one of Australia’s leading mathematicians.

It all adds up to a great yarn – take five with Cheryl Praeger.

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5 with 5: Ep 2 - Hugh Possingham

Professor Possingham is a conservation scientist and mathematician (and former Queensland Chief Scientist!) who completed his PhD at Oxford in 1987 as a Rhodes Scholar – but his science journey started with a love of birdwatching and the environment.

Throughout his career he has his interests have grown to include to mathematics, software modelling, decision science and global conservation.

Still an avid Twitcher and active citizen scientist, his passion for science is infectious – take five with Hugh Possingham.

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5 with 5: Ep 3 - Wendy Zukerman

Wendy Zukerman has been a science journalist for over a decade, reporting on everything from octopus intelligence to superbugs.

She started her career at New Scientist Magazine and then moved to Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where she agreed to try her hand at creating a science-y podcast.

In 2015, Wendy moved to New York to make Science Vs for Gimlet Media – and the show debuted at #1 in the US, Canada and Australia.

Since then, Wendy and the Science Vs team have covered more than 60 topics and won the 2020 AAAS Kavli Gold Prize for their reporting on Coronavirus.

From the ABC to NYC take five with Wendy Zukerman.

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5 with 5: Ep 4 - Myrthe Snoeks

The preferred trajectory of a space-bound rocket is straight and ever upwards. But for budding rocket scientist Myrthe Snoeks, her path to running a 100 strong student-led rocket building team is anything but.

Myrthe is working on projects to bridge the gap between disciplines, education, industry and real-life experience through entrepreneurship, research and teaching.

Tune in to hear how we go from dropping out of high school in the Netherlands to staring down an Angus bull in Western Queensland, and then of course to space.

T minus minutes and counting with Myrthe Snoeks.

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5 with 5: Ep 5 - Corey Tutt

Deadly (adj) – Awesome., great.

Corey Tutt is a Kamilaroi man and CEO and founder of DeadlyScience which is dedicated to providing science resources and opportunities to remote and indigenous schools.

Corey’s passion for Indigenous education has also been recognised through various awards, he was named a human rights hero by the Australian human rights commission, in his spare time writes for K-Zone magazine and is currently authoring a children’s book called The First Scientists.

Phew… it’s good thing for us he didn’t stick with Llama shearing as a career. Laugh, learn and be inspired as you take five with Corey Tutt.

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