World Science Festival Brisbane is committed to valuing our natural environment and protecting our world for generations to come – we are focussed on continuous improvement.


We’ve put together a comprehensive three year plan to improve our environmental sustainability that considers local, State and Federal best practice guidelines as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We have big goals for the future – and we’re taking steps each year to make sure we reach our sustainability targets. We hope you can join in, and if we all do a little bit more each year, the future will be bright!


You can help us reduce the environmental impacts of the event with a bit of pre-planning.

Active travel

Check out the public transport timetables for your area and plan your journey.  Leave the car at home –  if you can, ride a bike!

Bring a cup or a water refill bottle (or both!)

Everyone knows that coffee from a reusable cup tastes so much better.

Use the right bin

Please make sure the right items end up in the right bin.  We want to divert precious resources from landfill, and reduce emissions from landfill.

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals

Take the opportunity to learn a bit about the Sustainable Development Goals and discover how your choices and actions can contribute to a more sustainable world. Take a read of our 3 year plan!



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