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World Science Festival Brisbane 2024 illuminated minds with a dazzling array of events, igniting curiosity and passion for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. Over the course of ten exhilarating days, thousands converged to explore the universe’s deepest mysteries alongside luminaries in the field. From captivating live shows to thought-provoking talks and hands-on workshops, the festival sparked inspiration and wonder. As the curtains closed, we invite you to relive the magic through our highlights video—a testament to the boundless curiosity and endless possibilities that defined the intersection of knowledge and imagination. Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey!



Online content

The fun continues online, all the time with our incredible online content available for you to view all year round. So tune in from the comfort of your own home, school or workplace to keep celebrating science!
Cool Jobs

Who’s got the coolest job in the world? Find out with our online series Cool Jobs. We sat down with an astrophysicist, chemist, and climate change specialist in 2024 to discuss their careers and why your students might want a job just like them!

All In the Mind: Animal Consciousness

What does an octopus dream? How complex is cockatoo communication? Is a fruit fly self-aware?

Unravel the mysteries of animal consciousness with ABC Radio National award-winning podcaster and journalist Sana Qadar and a panel of experts, including biologist and toxinologist Christina Zdenek, Professor Deborah Brown and Professor Bruno van Swinderen for a live presentation of the popular podcast, All In the Mind.

This episode was recorded live at the World Science Festival Brisbane 2024. 

Life on Mars

Dive into a cosmos of discovery and listen in to stellar insights and interstellar ambition as our panel of experts illuminates the mysteries of the universe and guide us through this intellectual odyssey. This event is a confluence of expert knowledge, where the audience will be transported on a journey through time and space. From Earth’s primordial landscapes and most ancient traces of life to the mysterious terrains of Mars, prepare to expand your knowledge of the universe and the bounds of possibility.

This conversation was recorded live at the World Science Festival Brisbane 2024. 

Fossils! QLD's Quirkiest Creatures

Explore the Queensland Museum’s extensive and priceless fossil collection to uncover some of Queensland’s most intriguing extinct creatures. Listen to thrilling stories about the animals that once roamed our planet as well as see a fossil jacket prepared in real time.

This performance was recorded at WSFB as part of the Schools Program and is available to view from QPAC’s Digital Stage. 

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