Science is everywhere. In our homes, at our workplace and in all manner of environments throughout our lives. You can engage with the wonders of science through our curated program of livestreamed and pre-recorded, digital conversations, plus podcasts, audio tours, online resources and more!

Digital Conversations

We’re pleased to present the 2022 pre-recorded series of Digital Conversations. These are available to watch online, for free, whenever it suits.


Cool Jobs

Come behind the scenes in a series of short films of experts who use science to do some of the coolest jobs on the planet.

They’ll share their exciting journey, and explain how following their dreams has led them to the most amazing jobs in the world.

Livestreamed Conversations

Our program of conversations and talks gives voice to science as our topical experts share the latest evidence, discoveries, theories and practical applications for what we know, what we don’t know and what we need to know.

Livestreamed Conversations are available for ticketholders to re-watch on demand until 11.59pm, Sunday 20 March.


5 with 5 Podcasts

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads that lead to a chance encounter? What if that moment leads to an amazing discovery?

In this WSFB podcast, Dr Rob Bell takes 5 minutes with 5 fascinating experts and discovers their ‘sliding doors’ moment. Presented with Folklore Studio.

Self-guided Audio Tours

Experience Brisbane through immersive self-guided audio trails.

Take an audible adventure through local histories, soundscapes and interviews with experts. Presented with Folklore Studio.

2021 Conversations

Want even more science? View our 2021 Conversations online now.


Museum Talks

In 2021 we hosted talks by some of our leading researchers and scientists – they shared insights about their individual areas of expertise.


The Hatchery

Our baby Loggerhead turtles hatching and taking their first swim in saltwater tanks are a festival favourite each year.

In 2021 the turtles were livestreamed 24 hours a day over the festival! You can view the livestream now by clicking the button below, or learn about the Hatchery turtles by watching our video.

Livestreamed with support from AARNET.

New York Videos

Enjoy some of World Science Festival’s most popular and fascinating conversations.

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