Stomping good fun with World Science Festival Brisbane’s Digi Dino Discovery Trail

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Ever wondered what a dinosaur would look like stomping through your street, your house or even your school? The World Science Festival Brisbane is bringing some of Queensland Museum Network’s favourite prehistoric creatures right to you!

Pay a visit to the World Science Festival Brisbane Digi Dino Discovery Trail page, then using your phone, click on each of the icons to meet life-size dinosaurs, megafauna and ancient animals through augmented reality.

The Digi-Dino Discovery Trail is one of the early initiatives to emerge out of a collaboration between Queensland Museum and QUT’s School of Creative Practice to explore digital experiences and how they can enhance public engagement with cultural heritage and science.

Thanks to support from Project DIG (a partnership between Queensland Museum Network, BHP and BMA) eight high-resolution Digi-Dino 3D models were created by internationally acclaimed palaeo-artists Vlad Konstantinov, Andrey Atuchin and Queensland Museum palaeontologist Dr. Scott Hocknull. QUT Digital Initiatives Manager and Lecturer Dr. David Pyle and QUT alumni, animator Mikka Baksa prepared the digital creations for augmented reality. Queensland Museum Network’s World Science Festival Brisbane  team completed the online experience. Quite a team effort!

So check it out… you can even capture a screen shot of these life-sized monsters right beside you. Warning – some are really big!

Share your Digi Dino adventures using the hashtag #WSFB2022

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