The RegenNarration podcast: Stories of a generation that is changing the story

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The RegenNarration podcast features the stories of a generation that is changing the story, enabling the regeneration of life on this planet. It’s weekly, independent media, ad-free, freely available and supported entirely by listeners. You’ll hear from high profile and grass-roots leaders everywhere, on how they’re changing the stories we live by, and the systems we create in their mould. Along with often very personal tales of how they themselves are changing.

Created and hosted by Anthony James, a fifth-generation Australian man living on ancient lands among the oldest continuous cultures on earth. He is an award-winning facilitator and educator, Prime Ministerial award-winner for service to the international community, widely published writer, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, and Warm Data Lab Host Certified by the International Bateson Institute.

Anthony features in a range of media nationally and internationally, is a regular speaker, and hosts conversations on regenerating the systems and stories humanity lives by, at both live events and on The RegenNarration podcast. He has also produced a spin-off series for the Clean State podcast, dedicated to regenerative transitions in his home state of Western Australia. His writing has appeared in publications locally and overseas, including The Conversation, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Online, World Economic Forum, EconoTimes, Resilience, Energy Post, and The Footy Almanac.

The RegenNarration podcast began in 2017 (initially named Rescope Radio) and has since featured global figures like Paul Hawken, Hazel Henderson, Douglas Rushkoff, Kate Raworth, Nora Bateson, and Allan Savory, brilliant filmmakers Damon Gameau and Nicol Ragland, writers Tim Winton and Jo Chandler, Australia’s first independent female MP Cathy McGowan, and our most recent Kate Chaney, Indigenous leaders like Tyson Yunkaporta and Dr Anne Poelina, wellbeing economy leaders Katherine Trebeck and Amanda Cahill, pioneers in regenerative agriculture like David and Frances from Wooleen Station, Di and Ian Haggerty, Terry McCosker, and Charles Massy, and a range of other people you may otherwise have never heard of, but you’ll be glad you did.

There is a generation of people across all ages and walks of life, right around the world, regenerating the systems we live by – the economy, food, health, energy, politics, media, the sciences, sports, the arts and more – and doing so with a more holistic focus, better weaving these systems together to form a more effective and artful tapestry of human and other life on this planet.

There are so many of these stories to share. Stories that change the bigger stories, the stories we live by – as we narrativise our way through life, making sense of things the best we can, and framing our sense of what’s normal, acceptable or even possible.


The backstory

The seeds of the podcast were sown back in 2012, when Anthony’s old mate and mentor, the late Professor Frank Fisher, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Anthony had the idea for a radio show, and now with some urgency, they set about recording their conversations while developing the skills and the concept – sometimes over dinner, and sometimes in front of large audiences.

Frank was a pioneering systems thinker and Australia’s Inaugural Environmental Educator of the Year. You might hear some of those recordings with him from time to time on the podcast.

Also during 2012, Frank and Anthony relaunched the Understandascope (now a home for the development of Frank’s legacy), an initiative Frank had developed with cartoonist and National Living Treasure, Michael Leunig. After Frank’s death, Anthony went on to organise a series of 12 public conversation events attracting around 3,000 people. With such growing interest in these conversations, the podcast was born. Thanks to the support of listeners, it has continued to substantially grow in listenership every year since.


You can be a part of The RegenNarration podcast at World Science Festival Brisbane

Join Anthony James, creator and host of The RegenNarration podcast in conversation with Jacob Birch and Zena Cumpston to discuss the rise of Regenerative Agriculture, the intersection with First Nations Knowledges, and the synergies for a harmonious and sustainable future on earth.

Regenerating Country will be held at 10am on Sunday 26 March. Tickets $30. For more information and to book, visit the event page.

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