Fast but Fantastic Science – Pecha Kucha Style


Written By
Aimee Feldman

For those who loved show and tell in school, this one is for you!

This year, World Science Festival Brisbane is bringing the Pecha Kucha challenge to a cool line-up of science-y all-stars.

But, what is Pecha Kucha you ask? Well that’s a good question – we’ll make it quick.

Japanese for ‘chit chat’, Pecha Kucha (Petch-aa Koo-chaa) is fast paced visual commentary on a mission of global storytelling domination. And it’s succeeding. Ever increasing in presentation popularity, Pecha Kucha the fastest growing storytelling platform for those who want ‘more show, less tell’.  In short (and that’s kinda the point), the presenter has 20 slides with 20 seconds to explain each slide.

20 seconds, 20 slides, it’s that simple. And it’s the ideal way to share passions and drop some serious content in under seven minutes.

You can discover PechaKucha in action at World Science Festival Brisbane. We’re covering all the big topics with five very big names – from sex, music and pain to star dust and climate change:

  1.  Something for Kate’s Paul Dempsey will take you through the science of making and listening to music
  2.  Psycho-sexologist and Lovehoney ambassador Chantelle Otten will uncover the positive impacts of sex and sex toys
  3.  Physicist and mathematician Dr Chris Ferrie will explore star dust, human atoms, and how we borrowed life from the birth of the universe
  4.  Award-winning pain specialist Associate Professor Natasha Stanton will discuss pain, the brain and perceptual trickery and how we can trick the brain for our own good
  5.  Performance creativity and climate science researcher Dr Linda Hassall will show you how contemporary artists can use theatre, dance and visual methods to engage with climate change

The entertaining and enlightening night will close with a special performance by Paul Dempsey.

So there you have it. Get on board and see what the hype is all about at Fantastic Science X Pecha Kucha at World Science Festival Brisbane on Friday 11 March. With a line-up this good, you’ll want it to last forever.

Tickets are $25

Written By
Aimee Feldman


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