Curiocity Brisbane 2023 Artworks

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Curiocity Brisbane 2023 returns to the sunshine state, proudly presented by Queensland Museum Network’s World Science Festival Brisbane. Feast your eyes on the creations located in iconic areas of the city scape between 22 March – 2 April 2023.

Get ready to experience a playground where science, tech and art collide in a vibrant collection of outdoor installations, artworks, creative workshops, thought provoking tours and conversations.

Meet this year’s artists celebrating the interconnectivity of art and science through digital, physical, and immersive sensory experience.

Applications came in from all around the globe including Germany, the United Kingdom and our very own homegrown talents throughout Australia. This year will see multiple works on display across Brisbane City from scientists, artists, engineers and makers.

See a sneak peek at the showcasing artists you can see in March and April 2023;

  1. Cat Royale created by Blast Theory
  2. I SEE, Martin Edge created by the Culture Crusader & Martin Edge
  3. T.H.E.M created by Interactive Media Collective and Griffith University
  4. Cybernetic Intimacy created by Hochschuh & Donovan ­
  5. The Climate Wars created by Simone Eisler ­
  6. Burnett River Petroglyph Rubbings created by Dylan Sarra
  7. Amplify/Defy created by Jennifer Herd
  8. Dr Scraps’ Corporeal Symphonies created by SCRAPS
  9. Pivot by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
  10. Refraction Parabola created by Ross Manning


A little taste of what to expect at Curiocity Brisbane in 2023

Artist Profile

Cat Royale created by Blast Theory*

Making its Australian debut, Blast Theory’s Cat Royale explores the impacts Artificial Intelligence has on our everyday existence and our growing dependence on this technology.

You are invited to experience the lives of three cats livestreamed direct from the UK living in a purpose-built luxury home environment with a robot, controlled by an autonomous system to create a utopia for them.

Watch as the happiness levels of our feline friends is captured by AI who then controls the conditions of the room while attempting to maximise the cats contentment and satisfaction. The computer system will slowly learn and adapt to the cats’ behaviours and create the perfect environment for our favourite furry mates.


The full World Science Festival 2023 program will be announced Wednesday 1 February 2023.

Curiosity got you?! The 2023 artworks will be on show for 12 days throughout four precincts during Curiocity Brisbane 2023: South Bank, South Brisbane’s Cultural Centre, City Botanic Gardens, and the Brisbane CBD.

To ensure the comfort and safety of the cats, experts in animal welfare have been involved in the design of Cat Royale from the start and are guiding the project throughout all phases of Cat Royale



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