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Two new series of events have been added to the World Science Festival Brisbane 2017 program.

Water Talks

Beginning on World Water Day (Wednesday March 22), Water Talks will examine what it will take to achieve the United Nation’s Global Sustainability Goal for clean, accessible and sustainably managed water for all by 2030.

The daily events held at The Edge from 12:30pm-1:30pm will be presented by The Age science journalist Peter Spinks and a host of special guests. Those going along will get a lot more out of seeing just one of the talks. Book the full series and receive one session free or save by booking two or three sessions.

The Dirt on Water and Disease, 22 March

This first talk will open your eyes to what governments and corporations are doing to provide safe sanitation systems. Despite ongoing improvements, water-related diseases still affect more than 1.5 billion people every year. Even developed countries are not immune with approximately 1 in 20 children in Australia’s indigenous populations affected by trachoma, a serious eye disease preventable with adequate sanitation and clean water.

Engineering the Solutions, 23 March

New engineered systems to recycle waste water will be explored in this event. Traditional approaches such as damming, irrigation, and treatment systems are costly and can have devastating impacts on the environment. How could ‘green engineering’ influence modern water management?

Other Worldly Water, March 24

The fascination of off-world water has developed from a fantasy into a vague reality. NASA’s recent announcements of surface water flows on Mars have raised further questions about making a journey to the red planet for H2O. Planetary and space experts will discuss extra-terrestrial water and the benefits it might have for humanity.

The Inconvenient Truth of Bottled Water, March 25

Bottled water is convenient, sometimes fashionable and relatively cheap. The truth is it takes almost seven times more water get that bottle to the shelf than is actually in the bottle itself. What kind of impact does this have on the environment? Join our discussion to uncover how global society was persuaded that bottled is better and why science may convince us otherwise.

Brain Food Breakfast

Each morning from 7:30am, festival-goers will have the chance to quiz our guest scientists in a casual setting for The Brain Food Breakfast series.

Life, The Universe and Everything with Dr Harry Cliff and Associate Professor Alan Duffy, March 24

Take a tour of the universe from the big bang theory to gravitational waves led by two leading physicists. Particle Physicist Dr Harry Cliff can answer anything that comes to mine regarding the Large Hadron Collider.

He will be accompanied by the mercurial Associate Professor Alan Duffy. The Research Fellow at Swinburne University spends his days creating baby universes on the nation’s most powerful supercomputers. He is also part of SABRE, the world’s first dark matter detector in the Southern Hemisphere, attempting to detect this new substance.

Feed Your Brain, Feed Your Body with Dr Karl, March 25

Have you had a question about the human body you’ve always been eager to ask of Dr Karl? Now is your chance. Jump-start your day and give your brain a boost with Dr Karl over brekky as he shares his knowledge on all things health, exercise and the body.

The Sensory Experience of Food with Dr Heather Smyth, March 26

Do you remember the taste of one of your first childhood birthday cakes? Maybe it’s the smell of the candles after blowing them out that made it a memorable experience. Flavour Chemist and Sensory Scientist Dr Heather Smyth will be sharing her 15 years of experience working with premium food and beverage products during this breakfast and explain the science behind sense.

Check out the full program here.

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