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In 2019, World Science Festival Brisbane (WSFB) worked with PwC Australia to measure the effectiveness of the festival on STEM engagement and learning.

The challenges and trends of STEM engagement and learning in Australia is a popular topic.

Our research was to help gauge the festival’s contribution towards driving a culture of innovation; and measuring how important STEM skills and capability help vibrant and prosperous economies.

The report focused on four key outcomes:

  1. Inspire lifelong curiosity, development and involvement in STEM in formal and informal ways;
  2. Encouraging greater STEM participation from under-represented groups (women and first peoples);
  3. Foster a society more comfortable with science and increase awareness of related social issues; and
  4. Create an environment that fosters collaboration and engagement across different sectors of the STEM network.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Three in four attendees ‘agree’ that attending WSFB 2019 allows them to make more informed decisions. Attendees at free events recorded slightly higher results than ticketed events. Those who attended a mix of ticketed and free events reported the best outcomes.
  • 86% of attendees from under-represented target groups indicated a willingness to learn more about science as a result of attending WSFB 2019, compared to 81% of attendees from majority groups.
  • Four out of five attendees with children indicated that the main reason for attendance was to gain a better understanding of, or engage more with science.
  • 90% of parents/caregivers reported that WSFB 2019 content was accessible, engaging and interesting for children.

To read the full report, download here.

About PwC

PwC is a global professional services firm renowned for quality assurance, advisory and tax services. Improving STEM literacy is one of their strategic priorities, and they have taken a leadership role in this space, producing a number of oft-quoted white papers including A Smart Move, Making STEM a Primary Priority and PwC’s perspective on the Government’s national innovation and science agenda.

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