Commencing countdown, engines on! One week to go until #WSFB2018

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It’s the final countdown! It’s only one week until World Science Festival Brisbane brings you ground-breaking discoveries, hands-on experiments, fascinating conversations, and truly spectacular science. Get ready to hear from world-leading scientists, communicators and performers from across the globe.

Now is the perfect time to start planning your visit! Not sure where to start? We’ve got the low down on how to plan an unforgettable Festival experience.

Lost for something to do after work? Settle in for a night by the river at The Festival Lab and investigate your dreams. The Festival Lab has everything you need for an enlightening science experience with your mates, or someone you’re trying to impress over a craft beer or two. Or if you’re more of an early riser why now explore what makes us human, and discover how we used to live, over breakfast.

If you’re looking for something to inspire the kids, spend the weekend exploring Street Science!, come face-to-face with our turtle hatchlings at Queensland Museum then point your eyes to the sky and count the starts as the sun goes down.

Loggerhead hatchling, World Science festival 2017

Keen to feed a curious mind and challenge your view of what it means to be human?   Investigate the potential origins of faith with world-renowned physicist Professor Brian Greene then sit in awe of the extraordinary feats undertaken by animals as they traverse the globe on the hunt for the perfect environment or travel to other worlds with iconic films and a quick fly by of Jupiter.

Wondering what the future holds? Why not discover the future of human regeneration with Australian of the Year Professor Fiona Wood, uncover the very fine line between Venom and Pain, meet the scientists who have joined the fight against antibiotic resistance and have your extreme science questions answered by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

It’s definitely time to follow your curiosity to World Science Festival Brisbane.

Discover the whole 2018 program today and follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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