Shipra Narang Suri

Dr. Shipra Narang Suri is an urban planner with a Ph.D. in Post-War Recovery Studies from the University of York, UK. She leads UN-Habitat’s Urban Practices Branch, and is also the senior advisor within UN-Habitat for local governments and their networks.

Shipra has extensive experience in advising national and local governments, as well as private sector organisations and networks, on issues of urban planning and management, good urban governance and indicators, livability and sustainability of cities, urban safety, women and cities, as well as post-conflict/ post-disaster recovery. She has worked with the United Nations, specifically, UN-HABITAT, UNDP, and UNESCO, as well as international NGOs such as World Vision, and private sector organisations, for over two decades. She is a regular public speaker at national and international fora, and has several publications to her credit.
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