Jay Younger

Jay Younger is a Brisbane-based artist, curator and academic. Her curatorial focus is on freedom of artistic expression and the expression of difference within public space as fundamentally linked to democratic values. Furthermore, public art can be seen as opening up a space within the public sphere where difference can be seen and experienced. Jay’s curatorial practice in this arena is dedicated to challenging popular opinions about what public art is and what it can be. For Curiocity Brisbane WSFB 2022, Jay is excited to work with all manner of artists to bring the latest ideas in science and technology into the public realm.

Jay has curated many significant projects and the impact of her success in the field of public art has been acknowledged in receiving the AIA President’s Award with the citation: ‘Professor Jay Younger’s contribution within the field of public art as an artist curator has provided exemplary best practice models and outcomes in Queensland, the calibre of which is unmatched.’

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