Anand Gautam

Dr Anand Gautam has had wide-ranging leadership roles in R&D and innovation strategies in Inflammation/Autoimmune Diseases/Cancer at international biotech and pharmaceutical companies for over 30 years. Anand has spent over 12 years as an academic in Immunology in prestigious research centres in the UK, US and Australia. Before joining Pfizer as a Head of External Science & Innovation, ANZ & Southeast Asia in April 2017, Anand was a Senior Director of R&D Innovation Sourcing at Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen for eight years. Prior to that, Anand was VP of R&D at Progen (Brisbane, Australia), and SVP of External Science & Collaboration at Pharmexa (Denmark).

Anand serves on number committees (e.g. AusBiotech and Bridge Program at MTPconnect, Australia), is a Life Science Queensland Ambassador, and is an Adjunct Professor at The Institute for Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland.

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