Activity Providers

  • Queensland Museum Snail Discoveries

    Queensland Museum land snail researchers Dr John and Dr Lorelle Stanisic present the fascinating world of snails highlighting the land snails of the Western Downs region, including two species listed as endangered. Learn more about these invertebrates from the “The Snail Whisperer” himself, and some incredible snail facts from Australia’s foremost expert on land snails.

  • Shell’s QGC Business

    Explore objects from Queensland Museum’s collection, including fossils of ancient megafauna, a range of stone tools, as well as precious minerals and rocks as part of Shell’s QGC Business stall. Here, students can also interact with a Flight Test exhibit, to make their own flying machine and test it out in a stream of upward travelling air. All activities include curriculum links and are designed to engage your students in STEM in a variety of ways!

  • Blue Sea Books

    Visitors will encounter the iconic Great Barrier Reef in new and unique ways. Augmented Reality (AR) children’s books showcasing reef flora and fauna will ignite the imaginations of both young and old. Scientific exhibits unveiling previously hidden and under-explored reef habitats will increase awareness of the remarkable diversity of marine life continually being discovered.

  • University of Queensland - CoralWatch

    Immerse yourself in the magical and crucial world of corals with CoralWatch. CoralWatch is a non-profit organisation from The University of Queensland. We integrate global monitoring of coral bleaching with outreach and education about coral reef conservation. CoralWatch developed the Coral Health Chart as a simple, non-invasive tool for people to use to monitor coral colour as an indicator or coral health. It’s easy to use and we’d love to show you how.

  • Engineers Australia - Building Bridges and Balloon-Powered Cars

    Straw Bridge Build: Join the fun as you build a bridge using straws and your choice of connector (eg rubber bands, string and celotape) which will be weight bearing tested. See if your bridge can hold the most weight to win a prize. At least 2 prizes to be won daily!

    Balloon Powered Car Race: Can you build a “car” with some straws & cardboard that is balloon-powered and will go the distance? The car that travels the furthest balloon-powered distance will win a prize. At least 2 prizes to be won daily!

  • Queensland Aerial

    Drones designed for confined spaces are typically compact, lightweight, and equipped with advanced maneuvering capabilities. Their size allows them to access areas that are challenging for humans or traditional equipment to reach. Learn about confined space drone and witness live streams from the drones.

  • Street Science

    Making real science seriously fun, don’t miss the Street Science team present high-energy science to inspire the next generation of scientists. The fun is contagious, and our team love to get everyone of all ages involved (even the parents)! A blend of humour, exciting demonstrations and age-appropriate scientific explanations to create an interactive science experience that can be enjoyed by all ages!

  • STEAM Powered Kids - Bits, Bots and Electronics

    Bits, Bots and Electronics – Participants can interact with some fun Makey Makey Projects and Play  paper rock scissors and various other configurations with Microbits as well as build a mini bot using simple electronics

  • Hit FM

    Gladstone’s number one radio station Hit FM will be pumping out the latest hits and challenging you to a range of games of chance and skill. There are a range of fantastic prizes to be won, courtesy of Queensland Museum. Plus, Curly Lou balloon artist will blow young minds with some cool, inflatable, science-themed creations.

  • Raptor Vision

    Discover the wonder of Australian owls and view these majestic creatures up close with Raptor Vision. Learn about the importance of preserving owl habitats and what you can do to support wildlife conservation.