The Climate Wars
Wed 22 March, 2023-Sun 2 April, 2023
Riverside Green, South Bank Parklands

Created by: Simone Eisler From: Queensland, Australia

Resonating with the myths of the Trojan Horse and the biblical ark, The Climate Wars sculpture delivers a powerful message about nurturing the future of plants and seed banks within a changing political and climatic world.

In stark contrast to the city skyline, Queensland sculptor Simone Eisler’s seven-metre-tall living artwork will form the centrepiece of Curiocity Brisbane on Southbank’s popular Riverside Green.

As the city forms a fortress against nature, the ‘ark’ must infiltrate the urban environments through subterfuge to disseminate native plant seeds that in turn provide food for native animals, insects and birds, support ecosystems and habitats and cross pollination, and enable the native flora and fauna cycles to continue.

Made from 10 different species and 2000 plants, including several natives that mimic horsehair, mane and tail, The Climate Wars installation is supplemented by additional educational workshops.


About the Creator

Simone Eisler is a well-known sculptor who explores the concepts of transformation and evolution in the natural world and the role of climate change and species adaption.

Simone has completed numerous public art commissions, both temporary and permanent and has had an extensive gallery exhibiting record in Australia and overseas. She works in materials that range across metal, including bronze, steel, and aluminium; plaster and resins; animal materials such as bones, fish scales and oyster shells, plants, and a broad range of recycled and found materials.

More Information

Visit the creator’s website and Instagram.


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Wed 22 March, 2023 - Sun 2 April, 2023


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Riverside Green, South Bank Parklands

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