The Magic of Mycelium
Fri 12 March, 2021-Sun 28 March, 2021
Cultural Precinct

Created by: Elektrolab From: Brisbane QLD, Australia

THE MAGIC OF MYCELIUM is an interactive experience that makes use of light, sound and augmented reality to highlight the generally unseen role of mycelium – complex tubular threads of fungus or fungus-like bacterial cells that spread underground.

Described as a nature’s information super highway, these intricate structures play a special role in breaking down harmful toxins in the environment and turning them into usable nutrients for a healthier ecosystem.

This Curiocity draws parallels with our connectivity as a community and engages through sensor-based interaction, while highlighting the work of female mycologists.

About the Creators

Elektrolab is an artist-run collective of two new media artists, Michelle Brown and Tara Pattenden, based in Meanjin (Brisbane). Elektrolab creates collaborative arts-based output, from site-specific installations to live performance with wearable art, as well as offering skill-building in creative technology projects through workshops and mentorship programs, from virtual reality to electronics.


Fri 12 March, 2021 - Sun 28 March, 2021


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Cultural Precinct

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