Refraction Parabola
Wed 22 March, 2023-Sun 2 April, 2023
Little Stanley Street Lawn, South Bank Parklands

Created by: Ross Manning From: Queensland, Australia

A new large-scale artwork by artist Ross Manning showcases the intense beauty of the visible spectrum as seen in butterfly wings, bird feathers, spider webs and opals.

Refraction Parabola takes form as a large parabolic curve coated in a special wrap with fine slits that filter out frequencies of light. The colours change and morph depending on your viewing angle. The large scale allows participants to be immersed in a field of pure abstracted colour.

The artist hopes the artwork draws the audience’s attention to celebrate the beauty of the fundamentals of light, colour and vision.

Refraction of light like this can be found throughout the natural world, from butterfly wings, bird feathers and spider webs to precious gems like Opal. This kind of refracting is also used in many scientific applications such as Chemistry and Astronomy.

About the Creator

Kinetic artist Ross Manning lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. His art explores light, physics, sound and the elements. Repurposing disused and outdated technologies, Ross combines existing components to create dynamic sculptures and atmospheric installations.

By bringing different elements into conversation with materials such as fluorescent tubing, fans, string and unassuming objects, he explores our ongoing relationship with technology and the tool we increasingly rely on in contemporary life. In repurposing and reinventing machines, Ross aims to demystify technology’s position and experiment with its material capabilities.


More Information

Visit the creator’s website and Instagram.


Wed 22 March, 2023 - Sun 2 April, 2023


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Little Stanley Street Lawn, South Bank Parklands

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