Make Your Selfie a Sandwich
Fri 15 March, 2024-Sun 24 March, 2024
Level 1, Queensland Museum

Created by: Sue Loveday From: Brisbane, Australia

Tackling the big questions around food futures against the backdrop of climate change, Sue Loveday presents an animated installation bringing the voices of regional people to the city. The collaborative artwork showcases the outcomes of an interactive art space, created for the Queensland regional tour of the World Science Festival in 2023. Sue invited participants to join in on a ‘making conversation’, where they responded to the question of, “why do scientists think we will eat more bugs and seaweed in the future?”. Participants contemplated what sort of sandwich they would be in the future by collaging ingredients from a bespoke shopping list to create wearable messages for a selfie.

The ‘making conversation’ sought to prompt participants, from regional and agricultural areas, to contemplate the similarities between past and future food, alongside the challenges of present-day food. Sue’s artwork provides ‘food for thought’ around how we sustain ourselves, our livelihoods and our environment.

Please note this artwork is not interactive at the festival. It is a display of the outcomes from a workshop in 2023.








About the Creator

Sue Loveday is a visual artist who explores creative gatherings and their potential to build healthy individuals, families and communities. ‘It’s when people think and make together that ideas are developed and nourished’.

With a background in illustration and a love of drawing, painting and making, Sue creates interactive spaces that encourage people to access their own self expression. Her collaborative artworks are marks of diversity, skill building, perspective and the importance of listening.





Fri 15 March, 2024 - Sun 24 March, 2024


9:30 am - 7:30 pm


Level 1, Queensland Museum

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