Maiwar AR
Fri 12 March, 2021-Sun 28 March, 2021
City Botanic Gardens

Created by: Bilbie Labs From: Brisbane QLD, Australia

MAIWAR AR is a virtual heritage and animated cultural tour of first contact Brisbane.

Be immersed, via your smartphone or WiFi-enabled tablet, within the authentic historical past and be transported back through time to a historical Brisbane (Maiwar) only one day prior to European Settlement.

As you casually walk through the precincts within Curiocity Brisbane, using Maiwar AR you’ll trigger virtual geospatial scenes that will give you a deeper understanding of the connection of First Nations people to specific areas within the landscape of the four Curiocity Brisbane precincts and you’ll learn about places where they lived, worked and played.

Maiwar AR application is a unique virtual experience that will inform and entertain users, while embedding cultural perspectives of a day-in-the-life of the original custodians of Brisbane.

About the Creators

Bilbie Labs is Australia’s leading First Nations social impact cultural design company.

Under the leadership of the self-titled ‘Virtual Heritage Jedi’ Brett Leavy, the company has as its core mission the research and design of immersive, interconnected and impactful virtual heritage simulations.

Their ultimate goal: to create virtual heritage experiences, respecting and representing original custodians across Australia, over 50 unique and eclectic applications for each city and regional town across Australia.

So, in keeping with this vision, the Bilbie Labs Team is coding away each day on a suite of interactive and immersive serious cultural heritage survival games, virtual reality application and augmented reality experiences.

A virtual dreaming connection to culture and the original curiosity community of Brisbane.


Fri 12 March, 2021 - Sun 28 March, 2021


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


City Botanic Gardens

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