Ēngines of Ēternity: Galíng
Fri 12 March, 2021-Sun 28 March, 2021
South Bank

Created by: SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design) Philippines: Diego Maranan, Franchesca Casauay, Juancho Moreno, Pieter Steyaer From: Philippines

Galíng: Filipino word meaning to heal, to improve.

Meet the rotifer—a microscopic aquatic animal with superpowers!

Rotifer DNA disintegrates when their environment dries up. But once water becomes available, they undergo a DNA restoration process that, astonishingly, also integrates foreign genetic material from their surroundings. This drives their evolution and continued survival.

In ĒNGINES OF ĒTERNITY: Galíng, you are invited to look through the cylinders and interact with the Rotifera visualizations to experience this remarkable process. Your voice acts as sonic DNA material to help the rotifers heal and evolve. Help restore the rotifers by talking to them—but not too loudly!

About the Creators

SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design) is a transdisciplinary and cross-cultural collective of artists, scientists, engineers and activists from all over the world. They are actively engaged in deconstructing dominant paradigms about the future, and developing alternative models through a combination of critical inquiry and hands-on experimentation.

ĒNGINES OF ĒTERNITY: Galíng is created by the SEADS Philippine chapter: Diego Maranan (UP Open University, Artistic Co-Lead), Franchesca Casauay (Production Lead, Artistic Co-Lead), Juancho Moreno (Build and Fabrication), and Pieter Steyaert (Software Development), with international consultants Karine Van Doninck (University of Namur) and Angelo Vermeulen (Delft University of Technology, SEADS Co-founder). For information about SEADS visit – http://bit.ly/GalingPH


Fri 12 March, 2021 - Sun 28 March, 2021


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


South Bank

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