Epic Science Adventures

A career in STEM can take you to some extraordinary places and epic adventures to uncover the mysteries of our amazing planet. More than experiments in labs or reviewing samples, the world of STEM offers incredible variety in activity and interests. Showcasing a variety of STEM and industry professionals, Epic Science Adventures will demonstrate to students the real-world inspirational jobs that show there’s no limit to where they might go and what they can do!

For WSFQ Chinchilla, students will hear from three incredible speakers, including Dr Gurion Ang (more frequently known as Dr G), a teaching specialist in Ecology and Zoology at The University of Queensland (UQ). He is the Director of UQ’s flagship science undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Science, and the Director of Engagement and Advancement for UQ’s School of the Environment. Dr G recently presented his session, Pokemon: Are They Biologically Possible, at World Science Festival Brisbane.

Drop In Activities

Queensland Museum: Snail Discoveries: Queensland Museum land snail researchers Dr John and Dr Lorelle Stanisic present the fascinating world of snails, including their recently discovered species from the Western Downs region, the Figuladra robertirwini (named after wildlife warrior, Robert Irwin). Learn more about these invertebrates from the “The Snail Whisperer” himself, and some incredible facts from Australia’s foremost expert on land snails.


Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters: An interactive and fun educational wildlife show with live reptiles and insights into the day-to-day lives of Australian animals.


AgForce Queensland: Students are invited to learn more about the intricacies of the food we eat. Taste test and rank fruit from sweetest to least sweetest, then use a refractometer to measure the sugar content and often find that taste doesn’t determine how much sugar is the fruit.


Western Downs Libraries: Lean into a bunch of fun activities from Chinchilla’s library team, presenting a series of activities around the theme Balancing the Improbable. Get hands on with activities like The Balance Point, Coin Pick Up, Bottle Balance, Plastic Plate Balance and Balancing Bird. Explore these fun and engaging ways of learning about balance for all ages.


Freshwater Fishing & Stocking Association of Queensland Fish Education Display: The Native & Pest Fish Education Display showcases Australian native fish stocked in Queensland waterways. The display will also have two pest fish (Common Carp & Mozambique Tilapia), that are now prevalent in many Queensland waterways. Can you identify the native fish?


Salty Sharks Aquarium Exhibit: Aquatic Metaverse (home of the Salty Sharks) is an education and entertainment team focused on marine species conservation, specifically for sharks, rays, turtles. Experience their advanced virtual and interactive education resources to see incredible terrestrial and marine species.


Wonder of Science – Flying Scientist: Join in with some hands-on inquiry-based STEM activities with the Wonder of Science Flying Scientists. Have a burning science question? Want to know what it is like to work as a scientist? Want to know how to become a scientist? The Flying Scientists have the answers! The Flying Scientists Initiative is provided by Wonder of Science in collaboration with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist. The scientists are early career researchers that travel to regional Queensland centres for community STEM events.