Community Day Stage Program

9.30am                 Welcome to Country

9.50am                 Street Science – Science Demonstrations

10.15am               Epic Science Adventures: Special Guest

10.30am               Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

11.00am               Spicy Science with Dr. G

11.50am               UQ Science Demo Troupe Science Demonstrations

12.20pm               Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

12.50pm               COMETS by Prof Jonti Horner

1.40pm                 Street Science – Science Demonstrations

2.10pm                 Epic Science Adventures: Dr Matt Richardson

2.30pm                 Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

  • COMETS by Prof Jonti Horner

    Prof Jonti Horner is an astronomer and astrobiologist based at the University of Southern Queensland, in Toowoomba, Queensland. He first became interested in astronomy as a five-year-old, as a result of viewing an accidentally recorded episode of the Sky at Night. He’s always been interested in Earth’s solar system, especially the small objects therein – the comets, asteroids and meteors. With some exciting comet activity recently, including the Devil’s comet and October’s upcoming super bright comet, don’t miss Jonti’s insights into astrobiology and comets in our universe.

  • Epic Science Adventures

    Dr Matt Richardson: Associate Professor (Space Program Director) at the University of Southern Queensland and Director of Space Education Programs with iLAuNCH, Matt has spent the last decade working in aerospace and defence industries, both in Australia and Japan. Hear his stories from a career in innovative space engineering and science programs.

  • Spicy Science with Dr. G

    Dr Gurion Ang, more frequently known as Dr. G, he is a teaching specialist in Ecology and Zoology at The University of Queensland (UQ), Director of UQ’s flagship science undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Science, and the Director of Engagement and Advancement for UQ’s School of the Environment.

  • Street Science

    Making real science seriously fun, don’t miss the Street Science team present high-energy science to inspire the next generation of scientists. The fun is contagious, and our team love to get everyone of all ages involved (even the parents)! A blend of humour, exciting demonstrations and age-appropriate scientific explanations to create an interactive science experience that can be enjoyed by all ages!

  • Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

    Learning about wildlife conservation has never been more fun as audiences get up-close with some of Australia’s wonderful and unique wildlife. This interactive and fun educational wildlife show teaches awareness and respect of the natural world, as well as learning about the animals’ day-to-day lives and observable features.

  • UQ Science Demo Troupe

    Ever thought about putting your hand in liquid nitrogen at 200 degrees below zero? What about taking a nap on the infamous Bed of Nails?! Or maybe battling the force of the atmosphere!? These are just some of the death-defying science stunts you’ll see from the nationally acclaimed UQ Science Demo Troupe!

Activity Providers

  • Queensland Museum Snail Discoveries

    Queensland Museum land snail researchers Dr John and Dr Lorelle Stanisic present the fascinating world of snails highlighting the land snails of the Western Downs region, including two species listed as endangered. Learn more about these invertebrates from the “The Snail Whisperer” himself, and some incredible snail facts from Australia’s foremost expert on land snails.

  • Shell's QGC Business Stall

    Explore objects from Queensland Museum’s collection, including fossils of ancient megafauna, a range of stone tools, as well as precious minerals and rocks as part of Shell’s QGC Business stall. Here, students can also interact with a Flight Test exhibit, to make their own flying machine and test it out in a stream of upward travelling air. All activities include curriculum links and are designed to engage your students in STEM in a variety of ways!


    Ride the waves in an Antarctic storm, fly through the atmosphere on a data-stream and dive into the abyss to uncover the mysteries of the deep.

    Join us aboard Australia’s advanced blue‑water research vessel, RV Investigator, without getting your feet wet!

    Investigate is a self-contained immersive cinema experience housed in a re-purposed shipping container. The container’s roof and two sides are equipped with video walls and a state-of-the-art sound system. Investigate invites people to dive a little deeper and discover the capabilities, missions and discoveries of RV Investigator.

  • Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

    Learning about wildlife conservation has never been more fun as audiences get up-close with some of Australia’s wonderful and unique reptiles. This interactive and fun educational wildlife show teaches awareness and respect of the natural world, as well as learning about the animals’ day-to-day lives and observable features.

  • Western Downs Libraries

     Lean into a bunch of fun activities from Chinchilla’s library team, presenting a series of activities around the theme Balancing the Improbable. Get hands on with activities like The Balance Point, Coin Pick Up, Bottle Balance, Plastic Plate Balance and Balancing Bird. Explore these fun and engaging ways of learning about balance for all ages.

  • Freshwater Fishing & Stocking Association of Queensland Fish Education Display

    The Freshwater Fishing & Stocking Association’s Native & Pest Fish Education Display will have on show Australian native fish in the display – these two fish are several native fish that are stocked in Queensland waterways.

    The display will also have two pest fish, (Common Carp & Mozambique Tilapia) that are now prevalent in many Queensland waterways – these pest fish must not be returned to the water but disposed of humanely.

  • Salty Sharks VR Aquarium Exhibit

    Aquatic Metaverse, home of the Salty Sharks, is an education and entertainment brand focused on marine species conservation, specifically for sharks, rays, turtles. We develop advanced virtual and interactive education resources that greatly enhance the modern student’s engagement, information retention and enthusiasm for animal biology and ethology for both terrestrial and marine species.

    Our aquarium-based exhibits bring the aquarium into the classroom or home, allowing access for all to what is otherwise a very limited excursion opportunity. Through self-paced learning and gamification, students can customise their own virtual world avatar and explore exhibits that showcase a species in its natural environment as well as provides up to date information and research findings.

  • University of Southern Queensland - Astronomy by Day

    The enjoyment of Astronomy is more than just the wonders of the night sky. During the day there is also the Sun which is very active at present. Recently Southern Australia and New Zealand enjoyed stunning, colourful aurora. Observing the Sun’s burning face safely through specially designed telescopes is a fascinating experience — whether it is to see sunspot groups or to watch the powerful ejection of plasma from the Sun. Join our expert astronomer for a unique daytime viewing and understanding of the Sun.

  • Wonder of Science – Flying Scientist

    Each scientist will have hands-on inquiry-based STEM activities for attendees to engage with and learn more about the exciting and cutting-edge research happening all over Queensland. 6 – 8 Scientists including Flying Scientists (early career researchers in a variety of STEM fields) and Young Science Ambassadors (PhD students from multiple universities) will run the activities.

    Have a burning science question? Want to know what it is like to work as a scientist? Want to know how to become a scientist? The Flying Scientists have the answers! The Flying Scientists Initiative is provided by Wonder of Science in collaboration with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist. The scientists are early career researchers that travel to regional Queensland centres for community STEM events.

  • iLAuNCH Trailblazer - Rocket Launch

    Join us for a journey into aerospace with our Air Rocket Activity! Be immersed in the fascinating world of rocket science as you design and launch your very own air-powered rockets, gaining valuable insights into the principles of flight along the way.