Duan Biggs

Duan Biggs works at the interface of science and conservation policy and practice. He focusses on developing partnerships amongst researchers, NGOs, governments, and the private sector to conduct science that informs the development of conservation actions and policies for the complex challenges of the Anthropocene.

Through his work with the International Institute for Environment and Development, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), WWF and the Luc Hoffmann Institute, Duan recently worked with policy-makers and international NGOs on responses to the illegal wildlife trade and the management of conflicts between humans and wildlife.

In 2016, Duan was awarded an Australian Research Council Early Career Fellowship (DECRA) to become a Senior Research Fellow at the Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University. He also has adjunct appointments at the University of Queensland and Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Duan is an enthusiastic naturalist and fervent birdwatcher, and the founder of resilientconservation.org.

Duan Biggs appears with thanks to Academic Partner Griffith University.

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