Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith is an Associate Professor in the Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution at Griffith University. She has spent 20 years exploring the remarkably faithful records of daily growth, infant diet, and stress that are preserved in our teeth for millions of years. Her research has helped to identify the origins of a fundamental human adaptation: the costly yet advantageous shift from a “live fast and die young” strategy to the “live slow and grow old” strategy that has helped to make us one of the most successful mammals on the planet.

Dr Smith’s research has been highlighted by the New York Times, National Geographic, Nature, and Science, as well as through North American, European, and Australasian broadcast media. Her richly illustrated popular science book The Tales Teeth Tell: Development, Evolution, Behavior will be published by MIT Press in 2018.

Tanya Smith appears with thanks to Academic Partner Griffith University

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