Ian Godwin

Ian Godwin has over 30 years’ experience in plant biotechnology research and cut his teeth on plant genetic engineering at Birmingham University in the UK in the 1980s. He is now Director of the Centre for Crop Science, QAAFI. Ian’s research involves the use of biotechnological tools for crop improvement with emphasis on the sustainable production of grain crops. His major focus is on the improvement of crops for food, feed and bio-industrial end-uses including bio-fuels and bio-materials.

Ian has authored over 140 research papers and in 2019 his book Good Enough to Eat?, about the new genetics of crop and food production, was published. He is passionate about the public communication of science and has spoken at many public events on genetics, GM plants, food and animal cloning, and the future of agriculture in a changing climate.

Ian Godwin appears with thanks to Academic Partner The University of Queensland.

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