Activity Providers

The WSFQ Ipswich Community Day on Saturday 20 July will feature a variety of drop-in activities (see list of providers below) as well as a stage program running throughout the day. Don’t miss explosions, music, demonstrations and more:


9.45am: Welcome to Country
10.05am: Red Rocket 3
10.35am: UQ Demo Troupe Science Demonstration
11am: Wild Ranges Wildlife Encounters
11.25am: My Dilly Bag Cooking Demonstration
12.15pm: Red Rocket 3
12.50pm: UQ Demo Troupe Science Demonstration
1.1pm: Wild Ranges Wildlife Encounters
1.40pm: Red Rocket 3
2.20pm: UQ Demo Troupe Science Demonstration

Check out the activity providers offering free drop-in activations to explore across WSFQ Ipswich.

  • Cross River Rail

    Visit us to code some tiny robots to travel on the new train line, experience the underground stations through VR, and ask our experts all your Cross River Rail questions.

  • Griffith University Advanced Robotics Development

    Get ready for an action-packed experience! Drive a variety of robots on our dynamic game field, where they’ll launch unique triangular balls, known as Reuleaux Tetrahedrons, in a thrilling and interactive environment. We’ll also showcase the incredible technology behind our robots with a live demonstration of a 3D printer in action, highlighting how it supports and enhances our robotics development.


    Join us for a journey into aerospace with our Air Rocket Activity! Be immersed in the fascinating world of rocket science as you design and launch your very own air-powered rockets, gaining valuable insights into the principles of flight along the way.

  • QUT Sports Tech Van

    QUT will bring esports and virtual sports activities to regional Queensland, with the launch of a high-tech van loaded with esports, virtual sport and broadcasting equipment. The van will provide opportunities to participate in esports infused with technology. Esports, virtual cycling, reaction training, simulated golf, smart-tech and wearables, broadcasting and performance analytics will be wrapped into the suite of activities delivered.

  • Ipswich City Council Libraries

    Take on the ultimate challenge and complete the Sphero Pit activities!

  • Salty Sharks

    Aquatic Metaverse (home of the Salty Sharks) is an education and entertainment brand focused on marine species conservation, specifically for sharks, rays, turtles. We develop advanced virtual and interactive education resources that greatly enhance the modern student’s engagement, information retention and enthusiasm for animal biology and ethology for both terrestrial and marine species.

    Our aquarium-based exhibits bring the aquarium into the classroom or home, allowing access for all to what is otherwise a very limited excursion opportunity. Through self-paced learning and gamification, students can customise their own virtual world avatar and explore exhibits that showcase a species in its natural environment as well as provides up to date information and research findings. The Exhibits are regularly updated, can include short term customisation to suit an individual School’s curriculum and students also have the option of completing a beginner’s guide to marine biology with exam and certificate of completion, courtesy of our conservation partner.

  • Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

    Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters is dedicated to educating children and adults, spreading the conservation message. We have many years experience in working with Wildlife and educating both children and adults on the importance of conservation and protecting our amazing native animals and their habitats. We have an understanding of and an ability to relate well to children, giving them an experience they will never forget.

  • Native & Pest Fish Education Display - Freshwater Fishing and Stocking Association

    The Freshwater Fishing & Stocking Association’s Native & Pest Fish Education Display will have on show Australian native fish in the display, these two fish are several native fish that are stocked in Queensland waterways.

    The display will also have two pest fish, (Common Carp & Mozambique Tilapia) that are now prevalent in many Queensland waterways, these pest fish must not be returned to the water but disposed of humanely.

  • Ignite Excellence Academy - Ripley Valley State Secondary College

    Join Ripley Valley State Secondary College’s Ignite Excellence Academy in exploring the living water in our local waterways. You’ll have the chance to meet some of the macroinvertebrates living alongside us, test the pH of local water sources and understand how the overall health of a waterway can impact ecosystems living in and around it. The Ignite Excellence Academy students have worked alongside industry and community groups such as CleanCo Queensland, Bremer Catchment Association and the Ipswich City Council to build their understanding of sustainability and environmental awareness and are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

  • Micromelon Robotics - Micromelon

    Learn programming and robotics with Micromelon!

  • UQ Demo Troupe

    Ever thought about putting your hand in liquid nitrogen at 200 degrees below zero? What about taking a nap on the infamous Bed of Nails?! Or maybe battling the force of the atmosphere!? These are just some of the death-defying science stunts you’ll see from the nationally acclaimed UQ Science Demo Troupe! Whether you catch our ‘sub-zero science’ show or our ‘all-time favourites’ show (or both!), these shows are guaranteed to be exciting, entertaining AND informative!

  • Wonder of Science Flying Scientists

    Each scientist will have hands-on inquiry-based STEM activities for attendees to engage with and learn more about the exciting and cutting-edge research happening all over Queensland. 6 – 8 Scientists including Flying Scientists (early career researchers in a variety of STEM fields) and Young Science Ambassadors (PhD students from multiple universities) will run the activities.

    Have a burning science question? Want to know what it is like to work as a scientist? Want to know how to become a scientist? The Flying Scientists have the answers! The Flying Scientists Initiative is provided by Wonder of Science in collaboration with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist. The scientists are early career researchers that travel to regional Queensland centres for community STEM events.