I SEE, Martin Edge
Wed 22 March, 2023-Sun 2 April, 2023
Picnic Island Green, South Bank Parklands

Created by: The Culture Crusader & Martin Edge From: Queensland, Australia

“My artworks are like a ‘memory jog’ of each adventure, but I also like to use my own imagination and creativity to paint the scene how I see or remember it.”

Martin Edge

Queensland artist and proud ambassador for Autism Queensland, Martin Edge, captures and reflects his perspective of the world through recreating memorable moments and recollections, filtered through his imagination.

Martin’s art-making process of reconnecting collages of memory-fragments enables us to see what Martin sees—the wonderment of our world from the mundane to the whimsical.

Through this installation, viewers experience a number of Martin’s artworks upscaled into playscapes set within Southbank’s Picnic Garden. This includes Martin’s latest artwork Martin’s Painting Day that explores the artist’s most sacred and private place—his studio.

For the first time ever, Martin’s artwork will come to life through activating this new artwork via Augmented Reality, allowing viewers to delve deeper into Martin’s world.

About the Creators

This project is a collaboration between national art treasure, Martin Edge, and award-winning arts manager, Pia Robinson, Founder of The Culture Crusader. Martin and Pia are BIG dreamers and doers who want to make a difference in the world around them. Martin and Pia’s friendship began in 2008. Since then they have weaved in and out of each other’s lives, incidentally, influencing each other’s careers, growing a little bit older and a lot wiser. Through this mutual friendship, a deep sense of trust, respect and admiration has grown between them over the years.

Martin started painting in 2007. Since then he has made his mark in Australian Art by exploring his special interests through his artwork and adventure making. Some of these special interests are painting, travel, the ocean, a day out, collecting art and antiques, modes of transport (especially CityCats), buildings and cityscapes.

Martin’s artwork is held in state and national institutions. He is represented by Anthea Polson Art and Robin Gibson Gallery and is an ambassador for Autism Queensland.

Images courtesy of the artist, Anthea Polson Art and Robin Gibson Gallery. Photography by Jason Star @wearedarcystarr

More Information

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Wed 22 March, 2023 - Sun 2 April, 2023


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Picnic Island Green, South Bank Parklands

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