City Symphony
Fri 24 June, 2022-Sun 10 July, 2022
City Botanic Gardens, Goodwill Bridge, Queens Gardens and Queen Street Mall

Created by: QMF and Textile Audio From: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

In City Symphony, QMF and award-winning composer, mezzo-soprano, and sound artist Eve Klein (Textile Audio) invite people to immerse themselves in bespoke locations and ‘hear’ Brisbane City through music and local stories.

Exploring hidden worlds of sound-in-space that reveal themselves differently to each user, City Symphony responds to each user’s location, orientation and even the time of day, to create a personal soundtrack that inspires exploration and interaction with place.

The digital artwork is made using video game creation techniques and technologies. It takes real-time information from a person’s phone and combines it with environmental data to generate unique music and story experiences for each listener. It combines AR-based game music creation with community placemaking. The creators worked with hundreds of community members and artists to craft an experience about the place and people of Brisbane.

QMF hosted free guided tours of City Symphony during Curiocity Brisbane 2022.

About the Creators

QMF provides access to and participation in world-class performing arts experiences designed to inspire communities to celebrate their own unique role in the story of Queensland.

Eve Klein is an award-winning composer, mezzo soprano, sound artist and academic. As Textile Audio, she designs large-scale, immersive music experiences for festivals.

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For more information: 

City Symphony is presented by QMF and Textile Audio and proudly supported by Brisbane City Council, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre and Ableton. The project is also supported by the Australian Government through the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund, and the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. QMF and Textile Audio are supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


Fri 24 June, 2022 - Sun 10 July, 2022


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


City Botanic Gardens, Goodwill Bridge, Queens Gardens and Queen Street Mall

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