Created by: Victoria Lees, Rodney Berry & Paul Hill

Country: Townsville QLD, Australia

Feel a sense of wonder and magic when you walk under this enchanting, suspended 3D world of crocheted vortex nets up to six metres high and more than three metres wide.

This intriguing web of discovery is made from white acrylic wool. It enchants by day and lights up at night to create intriguing shadows and shapes. Hourglass forms evoke movement in time and space. Sound is generated from subtle vibration and movement of the structure itself, as well as movement of visitors, all processed by computer and amplified.

About the Creators

Victoria Lees is a visual artist who has a wide practice extending across multiple media. She is best known for her temporary sculptures created within landscapes, festivals and public spaces. Victoria has developed a holistic philosophy incorporating theory, personal experience and practice.

Rodney Berry is co-director of Little Owl, an ethical tech and design consultancy and incubator, and is known for his research with VR and XR technologies in art and music. He has taught music and mixed media composition, and was a technology researcher in Australia, Japan and Singapore.

Paul Hill is a Brisbane-based lighting designer of Saturday Enterprises.

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