Tristan Pang

14-year-old Tristan Pang is inspired to become a mathematician and physicist with global ambitions. Tristan self-learnt and earned a place at the University of Auckland by the age of 12, majoring in both maths and physics. He is also part of the Science Scholars Program. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Science by the age of 16, and aims to complete his Ph.D. by 21. Afterwards, Tristan intends to remain in the academia to teach and continue his research. Tristan is a recent recipient of several scholarships, including the Mensa International Scholarship and the University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarship. He has been granted the opportunity to work at the University of Auckland’s Photon Factory, a multi-user pulsed laser facility.

Tristan is the creator of Tristan’s Learning Hub (an online teaching resource for all ages). He is also a producer and broadcaster for the radio program Youth Voices and is founder and webmaster of several community websites. He is a TED talk speaker and is a frequent presenter at schools, organisations and conferences, in addition to tutoring students up to university level.
Discovering, contributing and sharing are Tristan’s lifelong goals. He aspires to make a difference in the world.

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