Raina MacIntyre

Raina MacIntyre is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Global Biosecurity at the Kirby Institute, UNSW. She heads the Biosecurity Program, which conducts research in epidemics, pandemics, vaccinology, bioterrorism prevention and control of infectious diseases. Her research is underpinned by her dual medical specialist training in public health and internal medicine and her formal epidemiology training, combined with extensive field outbreak investigation experience and vaccine program expertise.

Raina leads the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Epidemic Response, ISER, which features an epidemic observatory, Epiwatch and the ISER academy. ISER brings together stakeholders from all disciplines involved in large-scale epidemic response, including health, emergency management, defense, law enforcement, legal and ethics experts. She has over 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has won many national and international awards.

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