Peter Spinks

Acclaimed science-writer and broadcaster Peter Spinks holds a master’s degree in research psychology and has published articles in leading international academic journals. Since 1980, he has broadcast and written for some of the world’s foremost media organisations, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, The Guardian and The Observer newspapers and New Scientist magazine in London.

Peter has been a Fairfax Media science reporter and columnist since 1996. He has also presented a public science series, which grew out of reader interest in the “big questions” raised in his articles and video presentations. The series has taken the form of live events in which a panel of experts addresses an audience of invited guests on key issues, such as the origin of life.

He now provides science-writing and media-outreach workshops for universities and research organisations around the world. He is also running public tours to destinations of scientific interest.

Peter wrote the science journalism chapter for an international textbook, Science Communication in Theory and Practice (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001). Wizards of Oz, his book about breakthroughs by Australian scientists, has been twice the No.1 bestseller on New Scientist’s list of top-selling science books.

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