Paul Willis

Paul Willis’ life has centred around telling stories for science, which has seen him on television across the country with the ABC and acting as Director at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus), Australia’s premier science communications organisation. He is currently CEO of Media Engagement Services, teaching researchers how to communicate, and he’s an Adjunct Associate Professor in Palaeontology at Flinders University. Under Paul’s directorship RiAus built Australia’s Science Channel, a 360 degree online science hub for Australia and the world. During 14 years with the ABC as a dedicated science reporter, Paul travelled across the country and around the world for Catalyst, while also becoming accomplished as a radio producer and presenter and a skilled online content producer. Going further back in time Paul was a museum curator in natural history and a live presenter of science to early-aged school children. He also acted as an expert guide for tour companies operating in Australia, Antarctica, USA and Canada. He has authored several books on geology, palaeontology and natural history, and his adult life started with a PhD looking at fossil crocodiles after a double major in geology and zoology. Paul’s life in science communication started in England at the tender age of 6 on finding his first fossil – he has been telling stories about the world around us ever since.

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