Michael Wagels

Michael is a Staff Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. He holds a conjoined Academic appointment at the University of Queensland with the title of Senior Lecturer. His clinical interests include re-animation of the upper limb in tetraplegia and brachial plexus injuries, surgery of the hand and wrist, complex lower limb reconstruction, craniofacial reconstruction and melanoma. His academic interests include the clinical applications of additive biomanufacturing and in particular, its application to the reconstruction of long segment bone defects and peripheral nerve conduits, functional imaging of bone vascularity, upper limb biomechanics in tennis, efficient delivery of clinical care, non-surgical management of in-transit disease in melanoma and surgical teaching and training.

Michael’s unashamed grand plan is to live out his dreams of becoming a professional tennis player through his son and is currently investing substantial time and effort in this lucrative retirement plan.

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