Lizzie O'keefe

Lizzie is a dynamic and commanding vocalist. Studying opera, classical and jazz from an early age, Lizzie has developed a completely unique signature style. She has lived and performed in Australia, Indonesia and the UK. During this time she has recorded with the Mitchell and Dewbury Band (Brighton), Jazzanova (Berlin), Razoof (Cologne) and Drumagick (Brazil). Whilst living in Indonesia she formed the duo Paramitsha, releasing a self-titled EP in 2013. The project pulled on many strains of world music, from flamenco, Arabic and jazz to folk and classical.

Having returned to Australia early 2013, Lizzie is now based in Maleny, Queensland. She released her debut solo EP Leaden Heart, in mid 2014, with the title track making her a finalist in the jazz category for the 2015 Queensland Music Awards. Since January 2015, Lizzie has been working with Linsey Pollak to develop Dangerous Song, producing two shows and releasing an album.

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