Lisa Harvey-Smith

Lisa Harvey-Smith is an astrophysicist, author and the inaugural Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador. She is responsible for increasing the participation of women and girls in STEM across the nation. She is an award-winning astronomer with research interests in the birth and death of stars and supermassive black holes and serves on the Australian Space Agency’s Advisory Group. She previously worked as the project scientist the mega-telescope the Square Kilometre Array – a continent-spanning next-generation radio telescope that will survey billions of years of cosmic history. A TEDx speaker and regular science commentator on TV and radio Lisa has also appeared on stage with Apollo astronauts including Buzz Aldrin. She is a presenter on the popular ABC television show Stargazing Live and author of two popular science books: ‘When Galaxies Collide’ for adults and her new children’s book ‘Under the Stars: Astrophysics for Bedtime’.

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