Jon Clarke

Jon Clarke lives in Canberra, Australia’s bush capital, and is a general practitioner in geology. He has been interested in Mars since he was about ten years old. Since finding out about Mars Society Australia (MSA) in 2001, Jon has taken part in six expeditions to inland Australia, one to New Zealand, one to India, and three Mars Desert Research Station rotations. Jon’s Martian research includes geology, geomorphology and the terrestrial analogues, as well as astrobiology, exploration technologies (especially habitats, vehicles and suits), mission architectures, landing site selection and human factors. He currently serves as president of MSA, is on the Mars Society International Steering Committee, and is director of science at Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. In 2016 he spent three months on a simulated Mars mission in Utah and in 2017 will be spending another three months on a similar expedition on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic.

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