David Lloyd

David Lloyd is a Professor of Biomechanical Engineering and Director of the Gold Coast Centre for Orthopaedic Research, Engineering and Education, an alliance between Griffith University, Gold Coast University Hospital and other SE Queensland hospitals. David was co-founder of Griffith’s Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies Institute, leading the medical devices group. Prior to academia, David worked in the aeronautical industry as a mechanical engineer, before completing a PhD and post-doctoral training in biomechanical engineering and neurophysiology.

David and his team have developed novel computer-simulation technologies to study the causes, prevention and management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. They currently develop personalised digital twins of humans with real-time capabilities that combine laboratory-based instrumentation, medical imaging and wireless wearable devices. David has published more than 200 scientific journal papers and attracted over $23M in funding.

David Lloyd appears with thanks to Academic Partner Griffith University.

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