Alison Douglas

After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at QUT and a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Museum Management from James Cook University, Alison volunteered at the Qld Museum where she found herself learning, amongst other things, the art of Taxidermy. Jobs being scarce however, she found work in the public art sphere as a sculptor, designer & mosaicist before moving to the UK for 7 years to work as a set designer & puppet maker for touring theatre companies. Alison’s return to Australia in 2000, coincided with the rare retirement of a preparator from the Queensland Museum exhibition team. She has been a senior preparator and taxidermist at the Museum ever since. In 2019 Alison transferred to the biodiversity department to work along side scientists and collection managers, preparing specimens and caring for the museum’s extensive natural history collections.

She is also a mother of two and an exhibiting painter & ceramicist.


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