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23-26 March 2017 Cultural Forecourt, South Bank Parklands


Cultural Forecourt, South Bank Parklands


Cultural Forecourt, Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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There is more to sound than songs on the radio.

Sound surrounds us – the chatter of voices, the hum of traffic, the chirping of birds…

Visit the below performances to hear live and original soundscapes inspired by the world around us and created using innovative technology.

Your ears will be thankful for it!

Thursday & Friday from 12pm – 1.30pm – Queen Street Mall Stage

Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 4pm – Cultural Forecourt, South Bank Parklands


  • Thursday, 23 March

    Opportunity presented by Griffith University

    Time: 12 – 1:30pm

    Venue: Queen Street Mall Stage

    About: Three students from the Music Technology department at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University perform ‘Opportunity’, a partially structured piece incorporating improvisation, as well as analogue and digital technologies. As a group performance – the agency of each performer is reduced, leading to an even greater exploration of the unexpected, both as audience and performer. Through the use of synthesis, sampling and live acoustic elements, a broad spectrum of sounds can be created, mangled and rearranged, all coming together to make something new and exciting each time.

    The Queensland Conservatorium Music Technology department will be creating a Sonic Playground on Saturday the 25th of March 10am–4pm. Music Technology @ QCGU will fill the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University with interactive sound installations and hands-on sonic experiments.

    The Sonic Playground is part of 100 Ways to Listen, which is a new project exploring the art and science of sound and documenting a decade of innovative music-making at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. There will be performances, interactive installations, and sound walks on 24, 25 and 26 March 2017 at The Queensland Conservatorium, 140 Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  • Friday, 24 March


    Time: 12 – 1:30pm

    Venue: Queen Street Mall Stage

    About: Amber is a collaborative, experimental, systems based electronic act utilising a variety of technologies to present ethereal, atmospheric sound. Amber will be playing two soundscapes all generated by a mixture of digital & analogue oscillators, function generators, filters & various other sound shapers.

    These technologies had their origins in the test lab & came to be used in a musical context from the 1960’s onwards, becoming synonymous with artists like Jean Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream. Amber explores the legacy of these pioneering designers & artists.

  • Saturday, 25 March & Sunday, 26 March

    Andrew Gibbs

    Time: 10am – 12:45pm

    Venue: Cultural Forecourt, South Bank Parklands (part of Street Science!)

    About: Andrew Gibbs has been producing and performing audiovisual work for over 15 years covering a range of genres, collaborations and locations. His work explores the synaesthesia between sound and vision and he is interested in creating cinematic, expansive experiences. For the past 6 years, Andrew has explored the use of electricity and voltage manipulation to create sound and vision with modular synthesizers.


  • Saturday, 25 March & Sunday, 26 March

    Luke Jaaniste

    Time: 2pm – 4pm

    About: Sound artist Luke Jaaniste presents a version of his PORTAL project. Beautiful harmonic clouds of sound, using a collection of identical vintage keyboards, exploring the sound and space of cyclical phasing — where wave patterns go in and out of synch, propagating and dissipating. This project continues Luke’s wider explorations of bodily experience, vibrational fields and immersive space, using materials that range from musical instruments (grand pianos, keyboards, guitars, bells, voices) to surround sound speaker systems (often quadraphonic, if not more) to the theatre of immersive comfort (darkened spaces, cushions, hazy smoke and light).

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