River Listening Tour to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
This event is now over
23-25 March 2018


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The Brisbane River is home to a soniferous population of grunting catfish.  The sounds they make tell us much about the health of our ecosystems.

On this free tour  Dr Simon Linke and Dr Leah Barclay from Griffith University will introduce passengers to the fascinating world of freshwater ecoacoustics. On arrival at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary passengers will learn more about the mechanisms fish and insects use to communicate underwater and record their very own underwater symphony.

Traditional methods of monitoring freshwater systems rely on samples that are expensive, unreliable and intrusive. Audio monitoring systems, by comparison, enable continuous observation in rivers and lakes: environments where animal populations are notoriously hard to monitor.  These systems cheaply and unobtrusively detect species and track ecosystem health through sounds produced by fish, invertebrates and human disturbance.

The tour is free when joining a Miramar Koala and River Cruise offered at 9:30 am Friday 23 March and 9:30 am Sunday 25 March. We leave from the Cultural Centre Pontoon Southbank Boardwalk, South Brisbane.

To book, visit mirimarcruises.com.au/daily-cruises/#cruise-options. Use the code CATFISH for 10 per cent discount.

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