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Are you interested in finding a cure for cancer? As an Apprentice you’ll have access to one of the PC2-classified laboratories at the Translational Research Institute, under the guidance of Professor Brian Gabrielli and his team. The program consists of two 45 min sessions.  In one session you will be put to work analysing time-lapse movies of cancer cells treated with a number of anti-cancer drugs and be called upon to assess the effects of the drugs. In the second session, you will use a fluorescence microscope to look inside cells and analyse the effects that the drugs have on intra-cellular structures, and how these might affect the survival of cancer cells.

Tickets $10

– Capacity limit of 24 per session
– Participants must be aged 15 and over
–  Covered footwear is essential.
– School and international study groups* must be accompanied by a teacher
* Basic scientific English language skills are essential

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