At 2021 World Science Festival Brisbane we did things a little differently!


We worked closely with Griffith Film School’s LiveLab to pre-record five of our most interesting conversations, and we recorded all of our live conversations at QPAC – all these conversations are posted below and on YouTube for you to enjoy in your own time.

March 19, 2021 • 60 minutes

Rising Tides, Searing Heat: Indigenous Australians and the Climate Crisis

Participants: Rhianna Patrick. Tishiko King, Sasha Purcell, Bradley Moggridge

Climate change will affect our lives in so many ways, but for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders the threat is already a devastating reality.

As sea levels rise, the tides are swallowing parts of low lying island communities, submerging thousands of years of culture, history and place.

March 19, 2021 • 60 minutes

How to Change the World

Participants: Myrthe Snoeks, Ian Frazer, Bianca Lê, Amelia Telford, Corey Tutt

The world is changing. Fast. Before we know it, today’s teenagers will be shaping their own world from positions of power and possibility.

The world is changing inexorably and inextricably. In the hands of today’s youth, there is hope for tomorrow. A bright future is possible.

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