LET’S TALK series returns to Queensland Museum

21 Feb 2019


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As part of this year’s Festival, the LET’S TALK series is on again at Queensland Museum this March.

Why not join the conversation… at LET’S TALK: Tarantulas.Immerse yourself in the captivating eight-legged world inhabited by one of the most feared and misunderstood land animals – the tarantula. Overcome fear with fascination as renowned arachnologist, Robert Raven, provides a rare insight into the lives of these amazing creatures.

Or maybe bugs are more your thing… LET’S TALK: A Bug’s Life. Making up 75 per cent of all terrestrial animals, insects are one of the most successful creatures on the planet. Join Queensland Museum’s Susan Wright as she unveils the Museum’s spectacular insect collection.

You could always take a deep dive into the life of sharks at LET’S TALK: Sharks. With the exception of Nemo’s friend Bruce, sharks are rarely portrayed kindly, despite their important ecological roles as apex predators and as important indicators for ocean health. Join Jodie Rummer to hear fascinating insights into the initiatives and research being undertaken to protect our precious baby sharks.

Maybe you are fascinated by the ethereal images of Nebulae and the Milky Way ? Join Andrew Campbell, one of Australia’s best astrophotographers on a stellar journey of discovery at LET’S TALK: Astrophotography.

Although LET’S TALK: Space Travel is SOLD OUT… you might be interested in:

Want more? Explore the 2019 Festival Program.

The LET’S TALK series is presented with support from Program Partner Inspiring Australia.

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