Chinchilla Here We Come!

24 Mar 2019


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WSFB team

Brisbane, we’ve had a blast! 🚀🌠

This year thousands of people have joined in the excitement of the 2019 festival, and we’ve been thrilled to bring the wonders of science to Brisbane’s doorstep with a program covering brave new ideas, thought-provoking conversations, interactive workshops and amazing demonstrations.

As always, The Hatchery has been a highlight, offering a rare glimpse of our turtle-y awesome little dudes emerging from their shells. Conversations have ranged from pressing world issues like global warming and the future of food production, to the nature of the fabric of the universe and what makes us human.

With an afternoon of Street Science! and Queensland Museum fun still on offer, the Brisbane program is coming to an end, yet there’s still more to come in Chinchilla with events kicking off Friday 29 March.

And of course, we’ll be back in 2020 so we’re already thinking about how to wow you next year.

Lastly, thanks to our amazing partners and to every one of our every enthusiastic and indispensable volunteers!

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Written By
WSFB team


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