Stone and Brick Walking Tour – Saturday tour
12 March 2016


Meeting point details: The Stone and Brick Walking Tour departs from the Victoria Bridge Abutment at the March of the Dungarees memorial, southern side of the Victoria Bridge on Saturday and Sunday at 10am.

Discover Brisbane geological history in the heart the city. Stone and Brick walking tours provide a unique opportunity to experience how building stones have been used in the construction of iconic Brisbane buildings. Expert guides will discuss how the presence of building stone resources have impacted the growth and development of the city – particularly during its formative years. The tours will give insight into the geology of Brisbane and how rocks have played a part in the growth of the developing metropolis – a mixture of geology and history, and how building stones have been used in modern construction, looking not only at the features of the rocks themselves but where they have come from – reflecting the increasing internationalisation of our lives.

The two-hour tours are not designed to be strenuous and each tour (Saturday and Sunday) can be tailored to the interests of participants.

Download the free Geotourism Brisbane (follow the steps here) to access descriptions of the different buildings and the sources of the stones used in their construction. This app provides an earth scientist’s perspective on the history and cultural heritage of the sub-tropical capital of Queensland.


Session Times

Stone And Brick Walking Tour – Saturday Tour

12 March 2016

0mins 10:00am



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