On a Wing
11 March 2016
Queensland Museum


On a wing: a taxidermy display & art exhibition

Everybody knows that birds have feathers and fly but did you know that they can sing, imitate, walk, run, swim, and dive and can be found in the air, oceans, shorelines, rainforests, deserts and even polar regions.

Migratory shore birds feed in Australia during our summer and then travel thousands of kilometres across Asia to breed in the northern summer in Siberia and Alaska.

Closer to home, the Festival will showcase an extensive display of birds from the Queensland Museum collections. This free exhibition will also feature taxidermy demonstrations and an exhibition of paintings by Queensland artist, Emma Lindsay, of extinct Australian bird species and sub-species held in natural history museums around the world.

On a wing at Queensland Museum, Thursday 10 March – Sunday 13 March 2016.



Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Session Times

On A Wing

11 March 2016

0mins 9:30am



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